especially in the country side though they are poor comparing to the modern standard , but whenever you bring people to their house, you will see how they will accept you . From any blogs, you read about hospitality, Bangladeshi people are one of the first. When you visiting a family, will offer you the best food, bring the chair out with a honest happy smile. Any part of the country, from the plain land to hill to sea, life may vary but friendship is always there. if you want to visit a country that has not be spoiled for tourist, people are not greedy or cheating with tourist, Bangladesh name will come first . Here, people request tourist to take there pictures and never I experienced that anyone asked money for that. Come to see the real hospitality and visit Bangladesh with Bangladesh Eco Adventure.Destination Bangladesh is simple and less interesting for people who never had chance to meet the most friendliest people in the earth , yes , Bangladeshi people are one of the most friendly , caring , hospital able and gentle people you may ever heard off ! comparing to our neighboring country, they have Taj Mahal, they have Mountains but they dint have people like us , people in Bangladesh treat tourist as a guest and feel proud if you say hello to them. People in Bangladesh always love to be in your pictures and when you show them, you will be overwhelmed. in Bangladesh,