Craft and Heritage Village Tourism in Tangaile

Tangaile is located in the north earthen part of Dhaka (78km) . bisnapur ,Tangaile is a very famous village for handloom weaving , almost the whole village is doing the tangaile shari weaving . tangaile sari is very popular among ladies and you can see the whole process of it . aprt of Tangaile handicraft, neighboring villages has also traditional craftsmanship like making jewelry ,  this work is mostly common near the markets area , then traditional pot making village or pottery village . Bangladeshi people from the old time sing clay pot for everything before the ceramic or plastic products arrive . one of the main attraction of the place is to visit the most beautifully decorated Atia mosque but in 1607. three km far fro meth village you can visit by local transport , walking or also by cycling . half a day cycling tour is unique through the village path where you can see the people ,lifestyle and cycling in a paved room between the green paddy field. it is suggested to visit in the afternoon or in the morning time because in villages, the local markets sits in the morning or in the afternoon.  we are working with a local organization who help us to promote the tourism there .

Organic farming is yet another attraction. the local organization is also connect with the world seed bank and currently , they are maintaining the worlds largest community based seed bank . the organization called UBNIG and now they built a complex for also to stay overnight or for research program. they are involve with the weavers community from 1990s , they established schools , they have there own factories where you can see the organic dying program also. in addition, you can see the seed bank, worlds one of the fewest places of practicing jacket weaving is till existed in the village. food , they sever all traditional food for there guest and all species , oil, everything they grow organically and service in traditional clay plots . this is the places where you will also enjoy the Bengali traditional breakfast and chance to learn how to make Bangladesh curry . other activities like village home stay, farming etc can also be done .

  • How to Go – Dhaka to Tangail is by Car / Bus / Train  and then take locally hire transport
  • Best Time to Visit – Any time of the year .
  • Duration of the visit – 01 day
  • Travel Advice – This is one of the very special places in Bangladesh , you can do camping , enjoy stars in darkes , cultural program etc possible. no luxury accommodation can be provided . Rooms are well decorated , hot water , no internet , air condition in a few rooms .
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