Floating Markets in Barisal

Bangladesh one of the newest part of exploration is the Asia s one of the biggest floating markets sites in the southern capital of Bangladesh known as Barisal division. Geographically this reason is near the coastline and it has surrounded by mighty rivers all around, so in these rivers, cannels, dis tributaries, from old ages people do tradition by small boat, it has been done mostly in the market days. There are at least 6 markets sits in different days of the week, some are for fruits, some for vegetables, some only rice and many other things . Taking a boat tour in through the small cannels in the morning half is more interesting. You can see the real Bangladeshi lifestyle. Best for pictures also. In the markets there are hundreds of boats coming for selling and buying . You try to close a high place to get best moments of the markets , afternoon you can go for a back water trip like south Indians karalla one .

  • How to Go – Dhaka to Barisal  by Car / Bus/ Boat / Train  and then take locally hire transport
  • Best Time to Visit -Any time of the year but monsoon or post monsoon is the best time.
  • Duration of the visit – 01 day
  • Travel Advice – Place bring umbrealla, extra battery  for camera
Vietnam Tour [7 Days / 6 Nights]

Vietnam Tour [7 Days / 6 Nights]

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