Take a Ride on Beautifully Decorative Rickshaws

Dhaka was once called the city of mosque. every single streets you can hear the beautiful voice to azan . but as day progress and more and more people started to come to Dhaka, conical changes happened . people found a small eco friendly transport called Rickshaw is the most popular transportation for all ages of people . Dhaka is now also very famous for this beautiful artistic transport and  its also called now the Rickshaw capital of the world !!! around half a million rickshaw are running in the street everyday . while taking one of the them in old dhaka, give you a ultimate expertise of the real life of dhaka .being built unplanly, most of the streets car cannot go but rich saw can go. so it you take you in deep to deepest part of the Dhaka life . it is very comfortable and now its become a part of our culture . the painting behind the rich saws are also very interesting to watch . mostly pictures the cinema life and flowers with bright colors is worth to visit and talking a ride .

  • How to Go -Dhaka to Old dhaka Car / Bus / Train  and then take locally a rickshaw
  • Best Time to Visit – Any time of the year .
  • Duration of the visit – 01 – 02 hours
  • Travel Advice – Two persons in a group and fix the rate before bording the Richsaw .
Vietnam Tour [7 Days / 6 Nights]

Vietnam Tour [7 Days / 6 Nights]

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