Visit the Forbitten Ship Breaking Yard

Ship breaking yard in Shitakunda , Chittagong is one of the biggest ship breaking yard in the world . It a lot of people don’t know about it but now it becomes the forbidden place to visit from inside of the factory. In around 40 km coastline near the Bay of Bengal, It was first established before our independent. Then, low labor cost, graphical location and governments ignorance, the ship breaking industry faster. Main problem of the ship breaking industry is environment. All the toxic and gas emitting from there is a biggest threat for the neighborhood forestry. All the crashing and dismantles done manually that causes high life risk because for not having not proper protection. A lot of the labors lost their life’s or lose their body parts in accidents and compensation is very nominal. When will drive through the area, they can see a fear, threat on the people’s eyes. Now a days, it is not possible to visit the factory from inside but the ship grave yard can be seen from outside by boat. There is around 50 to 60 boat always in the bank and while cursing in the river, you can see how they are working risking the life. This forbidden place is one of the great attraction for the tourist and photographers .

  • How to Go – Dhaka to Business capital Chittagong is by Car / Bus / Train / flight and then take locally hire transport
  • Best Time to Visit – Please aviod to visit during any strom or June , July when you have high weave in the river .
  • Duration of the visit – Half a day
  • Travel Advice – Please bring your rain coat / umbrella , life Jacket and weather forecast .it is suggest not to interview any local people before starting the trip and donot show the big camera at the begaining .
Vietnam Tour [7 Days / 6 Nights]

Vietnam Tour [7 Days / 6 Nights]

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