Visit the Fresh Water Swamp Forest Ratargul Sawmp Forest

Ratargul swamp forest is located in the norwestern part of Bangladesh in sylhet region. this is now a days very famous among the local and foreign tourist . surounded by maghalayan hills , boardering with India, this region also consided the most wetest part of Bangladesh , and one of the newest exploration is a sweet water swamp forest . around fifteen km far from sylhet , this sweet water swamp forest is one of the feswest in the coutnry. best time to visit the forest is in monsoon and post monsoon from May to October , first you have to go by car and then take small locally made tourist boat, the most unique part of the forest is in the southen part where you ca nget the reflection of the trees , enjoy the amazing silents ,  wildlife like monkey, squral, different kinds of birds ,  snakes can be spotted which fishing boating and in a sunny day beautiful landscapes you can see .

  • How to Go – Dhaka to Tea Captial Sylhet is by Car / Bus / Train / flight and then take locally hire transport
  • Best Time to Visit – Monsoon from may to end of October there is water in the forest and boating is possible .
  • Duration of the visit – Half a day
  • Travel Advice – please bring your rain coat / umbrella , mosquto replent and weather forecast .
Vietnam Tour [7 Days / 6 Nights]

Vietnam Tour [7 Days / 6 Nights]

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