Walking in the Sangu valley, Bandarban Hill Districts

Sangu is the main river flown between the high hill of Bandarbans hill tracts. This area is the least populated in the most populated country. There are around 12 different indigenous community is living in 4000 sq km and this wild hilly river is the only source of water for them.  To reserve of use the water some villagers cross two three kilometers up and down and bring water by plastic bottles in the baskets. Afternoon, the riverside become a meeting places for all groups of people. Even the markets are also close to the river side, so in a market days people come by boat from farest distance. It’s a unique place to see the lifestyle of hilly tribes of Bandarbans. A walk in the bank of sagu , gives a ultimately experience . While walking you can see people crossing the river just by walking because river is not deep, young kids are jumping on the river, some are fishing, some are cleaning all their households’ chars, and some are taking bath. Only during your walk, please don’t take picture of any woman taking bath because they don’t life this to be filmed while having bath. The sun set in Sangu River is also very special.

  • How to Go – Dhaka to Chittagong by Car / Bus / Train / flight and then take locally private transport
  • Best Time to Visit – Monsoon from may to end of October there is water in the forest and boating is possible.
  • Duration of the visit – Half a day
  • Travel Advice – Please bring your rain coat / umbrella , mosquto replent and weather forecast.
Vietnam Tour [7 Days / 6 Nights]

Vietnam Tour [7 Days / 6 Nights]

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